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Extender oils

Extender Oil or Process Oil can be used as a softener in rubber compounds and tires, assist in the mixing operation to reduce compounding time, improve the process ability and to modify the physical properties. It can be used as a secondary plasticizer to reduce costs and increase plasticizing and processing. It stimulates the reduction of wear, frictional heat and energy loss.


What are the benefits and the features of our extender oils?

  • High viscosity
  • Less temperature dependency
  • Oxidation stability and solubility
  • Non-labelled, so not dangerous. Low level polycyclic aromatics (PACs)
  • High shear stability

For which application can our extender oils be used?

  • Metalworking fluids or greases
  • Rubber compounding
  • Insulation
  • Tires and automotive

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