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Tackifying Resins

Hydrocarbon Resins C5 / C9

C5 aliphatic and C9 aromatic resins can be modified and used for various industrial purposes.
It has a tackifying effect and is suitable for use in paintprinting inkadhesivesrubber and other areas where tackiness is required. The product originates from the high temperature cracking of petroleum fractions. Afterwards, the product is distilled out of pyrolysis gasoline during the production of benzene.

What are the benefits and the features of C5/C9 Aliphatic/Aromatic Resins?

  • Low acid value and Chemical resistance
  • Low molecular weight
  • Good solubility in organic solvents
  • Excellent compatibility with EVA, Rubber, SIS, SEBS, SBS,SEPS,EVA
  • Improving viscosity durability

For which applications can C5/C9 Aliphatic/Aromatic Resins be used?

  • Paints
  • Printing inks
  • Adhesives
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive tape
  • Rubber agents
  • Car tires

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