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Synthetic Rubbers

Polyisoprene Rubber – Staining & Non-Staining (SKI-3S, SKI-3 and SKI-5PM)

Polyisporene Rubber (IR) is manufactured by the polymerization of synthetic isoprene and has the same basic chemical formula as natural rubber (NR). It can be seen as the synthetic version of natural rubber (NR). Besides staining and non-staining polyisoprene (SKI-3 and SKI-3S), we also supply FDA-approved polyisoprene rubber (SKI-5PM).

 What are the benefits and the features of Polyisoprene Rubber (IR)?

  • Excellent resilience
  • Good abrasion & tear resitance (due to High Cis 1-4 content – 97% min)
  • Strong tensile strength
  • Oustanding Elasticity

 For which applications can Polyisoprene Rubber (IR) be used?

  • Tires
  • Footwear
  • Medical
  • Alimentary (food)

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