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Natural Rubbers

TSR CV 60 (Latex grades)

TSR-CV is produced from high quality field latex. Rubber is viscosity stabilized at narrow money viscosity range. TSR-CV Rubbers are generally softer than conventional grades. Coupled with its constant viscosity feature, it provides a unique cost advantage in eliminating the premastication process and high reject rates, when used in open mill the rubber forms coherent band almost instantaneously thus increasing the milling through put. The non-scorch characteristics of the rubber will permit higher curing temperature to be adopted without risk of rejects.

TSR CV rubber is available in different viscosities, with 50 and 60 being the more common. Joss Elastomers and Chemicals supplies both TSR CV 50 and TSR CV 60.

What are the benefits and the features of TSR CV 60?

  • Reduction of mixing times giving higher throughput
  • Reduction of scraps and rejects due to better material uniformity
  • Better resistance to chipping and chunking for off-the-rooad tires

For which applications can TSR CV 60 be used?

  • Tire treads
  • Conveyor belts covers
  • inner-tubes
  • Automotive components

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