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Polyisoprene Rubber – Staining & Non-Staining (SKI-3S & SKI-3)

Polyisporene Rubber (IR) is manufactured by the polymerization of synthetic isoprene and has the same basic chemical formula as natural rubber (NR). It can be seen as the synthetic version of natural rubber (NR). Polyisporene Rubber (IR) has excellent resilience, good abrasion & tear resistance (due to High Cis 1-4 content – 97% min), strong […]


Process Oil

Process Oil with low carcinogenic content. This means within the limits of Regulation (ЕС) №1907/2006. Benzo(a)pyren content is much lower than the 1 mg/kg limit. Besides DAE, RAE and derivatives, customised oils are available. Process Oil is used for the production of oil extended Synthetic (NBR, SBR, PBR) and Natural Rubber, Tyres (excel in wet […]



CTP/PVI CAS # 17796-82-6 N-(cyclohexylthio)-phthalimide (CTP) or PVI is an anti-scorching agent. N-(cyclohexylthio)-phthalimide (CTP) or PVI can also be described as an pre-vulcanization inhibitor enabling control of process safety in Sulphur curable compounds. The inhibitor delays the onset of vulcanization with little or no influence on curing characteristics or vulcanization properties. N-(cyclohexylthio)-phthalimide (CTP) or PVI […]

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