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N,N’-Diphenylguanidine (DPG) is a vulcanization accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers. Furthermore, N,N’-Diphenylguanidine (DPG) a secondary accelerator, activating Thiazoles (MBT, MBTS), Thiurams (TMTM, TMTD) or Sulfenamide (CBTS) in NR (0.1-0.5phr), SBR (0.15 – 0.75phr) and NBR (0.1-0,5phr) applications. In conjunction with Sulphur and TMTM, N,N’-Diphenylguanidine (DPG) acts as plasticizer on chloroprene rubber. N,N’-Diphenylguanidine (DPG) provides a good scorch and storage stability. Other applications include primary material for standardizing acids and the production of ultramarine blue pigment. Due to discoloration, N,N’-Diphenylguanidine (DPG) is generally for dark or black coloured rubber products.

What are the benefits and the features of DPG?

  • Easily soluble with acetate, ethanol, water and gasoline
  • Used for a continuous vulcanization process

For which application can DPG be used?

  • Rubber Compounding
  • Tires and automotive
  • Plastic and industrial products

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